Donate to Rotts of Friends

Rotts of Friends survives solely on private donations, and the countless hours of volunteering by animal advocates. Because each animal is different, it is difficult to estimate a standardized cost to rescue and rehabilitate a dog's life. As the number of rescues increase, more space is needed and the costs for veterinarian services, food, boarding, microchipping, and training are increasing. The average cost of providing for the rescues exceeds $100,000 annually. This number doesn't even reflect the many hours of free or reduced veterinary services, the pallets of food often donated from businesses and area shelters and our 100's of wonderful donated volunteers hours per year. As a fully recognized charitable non-profit corporation, donations made to Rotts of Friends are tax deductible.


Help our rescue wishes come true. We welcome vendors and contractors for any additional time or materials that can be donated. You can make a difference.

  • Gravel (to winterize access to the new sanctuary)
  • Shavings
  • Blankets
  • Towels
  • Dog Beds
  • Bowls
  • Buckets
  • Food
  • Portable Lights
  • Fencing
  • Fencing Materials
  • Kennels
  • Portable Crates/Kennels
  • Tools
  • Landscaping materials
  • Plants and Trees
  • Hoses
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Grooming Supplies (razor, shampoo, conditioner, nail clippers)
  • Medical/First Aid Supplies
  • Food
  • Treats
  • Toys

Your funds will fulfill the mission and message of Rotts of Friends Animal Rescue and provide a safe haven for abandoned and abused animals for the future.

Canine on the Rocks

Rotts of Friends needs gravel... lots of it... to prepare the new sanctuary for the upcoming wet weather. We need the gravel to provide plenty of proper drainage, but most importantly to build new exercise yards and maintain our existing yards so our rescues can stretch their legs rain or shine.

Rotts of Friends has teamed up with our local provider to get great pricing per yard of gravel. Please DONATE NOW and help us maintain our grounds for our needy rescues.

Shady Acres

Rotts of Friend's sanctuary is need of green... green trees that is. Twelve new sanctuary yards have been put up, but so is the temperature during the hot summer months. ROF needs to plant more trees and shrubs for shade and wind breaks to keep our rescues safe in the sun. Creating areas of shade in our sanctuary means our deserving rescues can enjoy more time outside in the sunshine for rehabilitation and play.

We have secured fast growing starter trees for just $20 each. Please DONATE NOW and your tree will be a part of the ROF Sanctuary Legacy for years to come.

Sunday Snacks & Sports

We may all remember those nights when the family got together for Sunday dinner and to celebrate the simple something of being together. Sundays are all about the rescues at Rotts of Friends, and it is not only a time for us to catch up on all the ongoing chores, but to enjoy the simple something of spending time rubbing bellies, getting kisses, and lots of play time. Our rescues would say there may be no better way to spend the day then with some toys and rawhides. Sunday Snacks to spoil our critters would be much appreciated. Rawhides and Jolly Balls (indestructible exercise balls) or any other durable toys are a great combination.

You can donate these items during our regular Adoption Hours on Saturday 8am-11am or during the week by appointment. A monetary donation can also be made via PayPal, under Sunday Snacks & Sports!

Picasso Party

ROF has installed 12 new Sanctuary Yards to give more time to our rescues' outdoor activities. It's all about the address and "Sanctuary Lane" needs some curb appeal. Large custom made all weather dog houses and benches have been donated, but are in need of painting. ROF is looking for outdoor paint and supplies to prepare the new houses for use. Bright and Bold will do for the colors ...but don't forget the basics like primer! If you have a flare for the arts, please help us by donating to Sanctuary Lane beautification project.

You can donate paint and supplies items during our regular Adoption Hours on Saturday 8am-11am or during the week by appointment. A monetary donation can also be made via PayPal, under Picasso Party!

New Animal Sanctuary

With the growing need to provide sanctuary to abandoned and abused animals, Rotts of Friends has outgrown its limited resources and space to provide for these needy animals. Rotts of Friends Animal Sanctuary will be the permanent safe haven and care facility for desperate animals. It will provide a full service facility to evaluate, board, exercise, train, and heal these broken dogs.

When completed the Sanctuary will encompass approximately 5 acres in Woodland, California and will include a 26,000SF building for boarding, treatment, indoor training, housing for our permanent canine residents, and grounds for exercise yards, a dog park, walking paths, and swimming hole. The Sanctuary will provide rescue and rehabilitation for 50-75 dogs on their journey to a Forever Home.

Fund ‐ A ‐ Need

Many dogs come to Rotts of Friends in need of veterinary care. We have saved many dogs with injuries such as broken bones – some severe enough to require amputation, rampant infections, ruptured tendons, shotgun wounds, corneal abrasions and more. We are asked to take in dogs suffering from medical conditions such as severe starvation, prolapses, demodectic mange, entropion, diabetes, arthritis and allergies. This fund enables Rotts of Friends to rescue these dogs knowing we have the funding to pay for their medical care and therefore, save them from a guaranteed fate of euthanasia.