Adoption Procedure

We have many wonderful rescues available. You can preview most of the rescues here on our website, but it may not be complete as we get new intakes regularly. The best thing to do is to contact Renee to discuss your particular situation and which rescue may be a good fit for you or you can just show up during our regular adoption hours to meet the rescues and we can work with you to find a good match. We have regular adoption hours most Saturday's between 8am - 11am, or by appointment. We suggest you come early as we can get quite busy as the morning progresses. You must be here at least by 10AM as it takes at least an hour to meet and get to know a dog, do an introduction with your dog and fill out the adoption paperwork. Depending on Renee’s work schedule, sometimes she is able to show dogs during the week before 10:00AM or between 4:30 – 6:30PM on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. These are private appointments and must be set up with her before coming out by calling 530-681-1326. We are not usually available on Sundays. Getting a dog is an important decision, and all members of the household must be present (including children). If you have another dog, you must bring them with you in order for us to evaluate whether one of our rescues will be a good fit for your family. We suggest having them crated in the car. Proof of home ownership or a letter stating landlord permission is required.

If you would like to come out during regular adoption hours, you can call to let us know (leave a message if we do not answer) or just show up during the adoption hours. If you do find a dog to adopt, the adoption donation is $250, which helps Rotts of Friends offset the costs for spay/neuter, vaccinations, microchipping, and boarding. The sanctuary is located 34505 County Road 29, Woodland, California. As an added benefit, all of our rescues come with free lifetime obedience training.

The best way to reach us is 530-681-1326 or

When Considering a ROF Adoption

Your donation at the time of an adoption is not a fee to buy a dog; it is a donation for the service we provide. It is not refundable. Your donation may be claimed as a tax deductible donation, and furthers our efforts to do as much as we can for as many as we can. We incur significant expenses in paying redemption fees, veterinary fees, transportation costs, boarding, and food costs and ask for an adoption donation for each dog. Your donation offsets a portion of those costs, but in no event exceeds the amount of care actually provided. All donations are applied to our rescue program to further the ROF mission.

Rescuing an animal is a commitment. They are not perfect, and in most cases ROF will have limited information about the dog's history. ROF makes its placements based on our evaluation of the dogs, and decades of experience handling dogs and matching dogs to appropriate owners. In addition, we rely on the information provided by our prospective adopters; honesty is the best policy when discussing a potential rescue. Despite the number of dogs in need of homes, it may be that ROF does not have a rescue suitable for your particular situation. Children and other pets are but a few factors that we consider in placing a rescue. The determination to place or not to place any animal is made in ROF's sole discretion. We are advocates for the animals, and it is our goal to do what is best for the dog.

Your new companion may have accidents, bark, jump, chew or require regular exercise. No dog is perfect and even a good natured, obedient and trained dog may create stress in the home initially. Please keep in mind that you may love your new pet on Day 1, but it may take some time for your new family member to feel secure in their new environment. Be respectful that you are a stranger to them and not do too much too soon. A crate is an excellent tool for training; we recommend continued crate training as part of a successful transition into your home. These are just some of the things ROF expects potential adopters to consider before making the decision to rescue.

As an additional incentive, all ROF rescues come with FREE lifetime obedience offered at our facility by trainer Renee Lancaster with Yolo Canine Academy. ROF offers a six week basic obedience class that runs consecutively year round. We work on basic handling skills and the "heel", "sit", "stay", "down", and "come" commands. ROF rescues can come to the classes as often as they like, free of charge. The class is open to all breeds and is not limited to ROF rescues. ROF is available to discuss specific questions or circumstances for the life of your dog.

If for some reason, you can no longer honor your commitment to the dog. ROF's policy is that the dog MUST be returned to ROF. They cannot be sold, given away, placed on "craigslist", or brought to a shelter. ROF is a Forever Home for these animals and in the event they must be returned they must be returned to us. Please contact us and allow up to 72 hour for ROF to make arrangements for your dog's safe return.

Available Dogs


Joshua is a super handsome 1 year old neutered male German Shepherd. Joshua is a very hyper boy. He needs a family with a very active lifestyle - jogger, etc. this boy needs a job to do. He’s super moldable. Would be a great watchdog. Must go to an adult only household.



Larry is a handsome 3-4 year old neutered male Rottie. He came to us suffering from entropion, a very painful eyelid condition where the eyelids roll back towards the eyeball (ouch!). He’s had surgery to correct this. Stitches should be coming out soon. Larry can best be described as a fat, mellow love bug! He’s quiet and a little unsure of people (you never know what rescued dogs have gone through..) but he’s a REALLY nice dog. Come scoop this guy up before some else does!


Norman is a 1 year old male Rott who’s much more handsome than his photo shows. Norman is a toy crazy goofball. He’s a friendly boy with a big personality. He’s had extensive training while going through Yolo Canine Academy’s Boot Camp and has a lifetime training plan. He will be a wonderful dog for an experienced Rottie owner who will take charge. Norman needs to be in a home with no children, cats or other male dogs. Come meet him!



RIPLEY - One of the most awesome dogs out here. Very sweet super handsome and athletic 3 year old neutered male PITTIE. He is completely off the charts ball crazy but a great dog!


JOEY is now 3-4 years old and came to us from a family who bought him on Craig’s list when he was about 2 years old. They took him to the pound because he was protective of their kids at ball games and was food and toy possessive. See his photo on Petfinder. A very handsome dog! Comes with free lifetime Obedience training classes at our location.



POOH BEAR came from another rescue who needed our help with training. He went through Yolo Canine’s Boot Camp and is well trained but is dog reactive and will need a dominant handler. He was adopted out three years ago and was just returned by family members when his owners passed away. He is 5-6 years old but looks 2, very lively.


My name is RJ and I'm a 6 year old neutered male Hound cross. I grew up in a family with children. Because of domestic violence, part of my family had to go into protective custody and I had no place to go so Rotts of Friends took me in. I'm friendly and get along with other dogs. It woud be best for me to go to an adult family as I have some food aggression issues. I love long walks and playing in the play yard! I'm very healthy, up to date on my shots and microchipped! I come with free lifetime obedience training classes! If I sound like the dog you've been hoping for, call Renee at 530-681-1326 or 530-661-0213 to set up an appointment to meet me!