The Dog's Journey


Rotts of Friends is contacted by other organizations, municipalities, and individuals to help dogs in need. These animals have been dumped in shelters, found wandering in the road, or left behind in vacant buildings and houses. Their condition is poor, often suffering from severe abuse and neglect, and are malnourished and weak from injury or sickness. As a licensed AHT, Renee Lancaster, can stabilize and save a life while we transport the dogs to our support team of veterinarians and hospital facilities. Rotts of Friends accepts delivery of dogs from all over California in cooperation with animal shelters to provide as many dogs a second chance.

Rescued Dog Rescued Dog Rescued Dog


Animals received often require immediate and significant medical attention ranging from starvation, broken bones, infection, lacerations, gunshot wounds, and contusions from beatings. Rehabilitation also includes basic nutrition, spaying/neuter, micro chipping, and routine vaccinations. These dogs are afforded a chance to heal physically and with a consistent routine and care to heal their spirits. Once they are healthy, our rescues go through mandatory behavior and obedience training to cure existing problems and ready them for their Forever Homes.

Release to a Forever Home

Rotts of Friends is an advocate for our rescues in their journey to a Forever Home. Rotts of Friends often requires an initial telephone interview followed by an in-person screening of all potential adopters, including meeting all family members and pets. With more than 30 years of canine handling and training, Renee Lancaster determines the fit of each rescue into its perfect Forever Home and requires mandatory follow up obedience training and education on how to be a responsible owner.

Release to a Forever Home Release to a Forever Home Release to a Forever Home