About Rotts of Friends

The creation of Rotts of Friends is the long term dream of Renee Lancaster. As an experienced breeder of German Shepherds and Rottweilers for police, personal protection, and working companions, she has seen firsthand the growth of abuse and neglect of dogs of all breeds.

The heart of Rotts of Friends started with the deep love and appreciation of the Rottweiler breed. For more than three decades, Renee has watched as this breed has gone from relative obscurity to public persecution. In 1981, Rottweiler's were an unknown breed. By 1990, the misplaced popularity with these dogs caused shelters to swell with increased numbers of Rottweilers and other "bad-boy" dogs.

It was the love of the breed which pushed Renee to do more to save the Rottweiler from irresponsible breeding and ownership. With increased space being allocated to taking in these discarded animals, the message became clear that the willingness to help must extend to other breeds going through the same dilemma of abuse, neglect, over-population, and irresponsible ownership. Rottweilers were soon joined with German Shepherds, Pit Bulls, and other large breed dogs that became popularized and promptly persecuted.

Rotts of Friends strives to educate the public about these breeds and the understanding of what breed, if any, is best for them, preventing pet overpopulation through spay and neuter, and offering programs to properly integrate dogs as a proper part of the family, including those with children and extended families.

Since our formation, ROF has rescued more than 2,000 dogs.

Rotts of Friends expertise and contributions are now recognized throughout the state as a viable option for these otherwise "non-adoptable" or to-be-euthanized animals. In addition to the influx of abandoned and injured animals, ROF aids various agencies with extreme animal cruelty and hoarding cases and investigations, and natural disasters.

The mission of Rotts of Friends continues to expand to meet the growing needs of abandoned and abused dogs throughout the US. The success of this program is evident in the large number of dogs that Renee and this organization has helped. To continue to meet the needs of abandoned and abused dogs, Rotts of Friends will expand their operation to include the new Rotts of Friends Sanctuary. Please donate to this worthy cause.